Three Creeks Brewing Knotty Blonde Sisters Or

Three Creeks Brewing - Knotty Blonde Ale 22oz

Three Creeks Brewing Co.

$ 5.99

ABV: 4.0%, IBU: 18

This is another one of Oregon's unique and must-visit brewery pubs and restaurants; located in Sisters, Oregon - Three Creeks always has some special barrel aged strong ales on tap, and their clam chowder on Friday or Saturday nights is the best we've found inland from the coast. 

Brewery Description:  This sassy light beer is brewed in true western tradition. As light as the hair of our pistol carrying honey, this easy drinking quaffer gets it’s unique flavor from a touch of honey malt balanced against a teasing kiss of hops. Trust me boys, you’ll go away feeling like you had the time of your life, and still wanting more!

Three Creeks Brewing, Knotty Blonde Ale

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