Laurelwood Brewing - Portlandia Pilsner

Laurelwood Brewing - Portlandia Pilsner

Laurelwood Brewing

$ 6.99

 ABU: 6.0%, IBU: 40

= 86

Quench your thirst for Portlandia Pilsner anytime through the Oregon Craft Beer Club, and make sure to check out the Laurelwood Pubs for their craft brew selections on draft next time you're flying through Portland at PDX! 

Brewery Description:  This Pilsner has traditional German ties, but its heart is truly in the Pacific Northwest! It has a bit more bitterness than your standard Bohemian lager, thanks to some American hop flavors and aromas right at the forefront. Signature to American hops, Portlandia boasts a wonderful blend of floral, pine, and citrus. As our Brewmaster, Shane, puts it “Portlandia Pilsner is a Northwest Pilsner with all the implied contradictions that go with it.” 

  • Malt: Premium 2-row, German Caramunich
  • Hops: Cascade, Centennial, Simcoe

Laurelwood Brewing, Portlandia Pilsner, Oregon

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