Breakside Brewery - Tropicalia

Breakside Brewery - Tropicalia

Oregon Craft Beer Club

$ 8.99

6% ABV, 23 IBU

= 82

Brewery Description:  American Farmhouse Ale brewed with Lychee and Peruvian Chilies, influenced by world cuisine at Smallwares restaurant in Portland, two of Breakside's brewers designed Tropicalia using Lychee and Peruvian yellow chilies.  The playful intermingling of moderate spice and unctuous, tropical fruit keeps this beer in balance.  Early aromas of pepper give way to a rich and fruity mid-palate that is followed by a pleasant, lingering heat.  The use of several 'hot' hops with distinctive tropical aromas add extra depth of flavor to this unique beer.  Enjoy!

Breakside Brewery, Tropicalia

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